Get SAP-certified data and application protection with the help of SIOS Protection Suite and SIOS DataKeeper SAP and HANA cluster software. The software help organisations to build high availability cluster for SAP in the virtual, cloud, physical and even in high-performance flash storage environments. It also gives data replication, high availability and disaster recovery in a cost-efficient and easy way

High availability SAP in an easy and cost-effective way in every environment

Since SIOS DataKeeper SAP and HANA cluster software provides you with the freedom to build a cluster in any environment it is very easy to set up and also cost-efficient. It also facilitates fast replication and flexible configuration which will help your organisation in many ways. You can also enjoy the benefit of monitoring and protection of the SAP and SAP HANA environment.

Microsoft Windows provides two services Scale-Out File Server (SOFS) and Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) and both the technologies aren’t fit to be used in a cluster for sharing disks across cloud regions and availability zones. With these two Microsoft services, there is always a risk of losing access to SAP application services in case of failure as it limits the configuration level to one data centre (availability zone). However, our SIOS DataKeeper solution fully simulates clustered shared storage and is capable of providing fully certified high availability cluster protection across cloud regions and availability zones. This will help your organisation with significantly greater protection from a broad class of failures.

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